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Taking Notes – Paper or Keyboard?

Today we have a guest editorial from Andy Warren. This was originally published on 31 Jan, 2012, but is being re-run as Steve is at SQL in the City Summit today.

I use a mix of techniques to take notes. If I’m leading or participating actively in a meeting I write notes. If I’m not an active participant and the noise won’t be an issue I’ll type them. I’m fussy about the notepad I use. For years I used a notebook just a bit bigger than half page sized, recently I’ve gone to the half paged sized format bound with discs, using the ARC system from Staples until I decide if I like it. If I do, I’ll either upgrade to a Levenger Circa notebook, or make my own cover. I use a twist style ballpoint pen that I made myself, black ink. Strangely for a geek I haven’t yet made the leap to OneNote or Evernote, most of my electronic notes wind up in Outlook.

If that sounds illogical and mildly convoluted I’d have to agree!

To add to that, mostly I capture tasks or items for follow up and who was at a meeting. My notes tend to be short, written as bullet points, with chicken scratched callouts to things I add as we refine an item. Often my notes only last a day or two and then I discard, only on long projects do I keep them as a running journal, even though I rarely refer back to them (just often enough to merit keeping them!).

I’m curious about how you take notes. Do you care about the pen and paper? Do you use Evernote, OneNote, or something else on your computer? What works for you?

Andy Warren

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  Question of the Day

Today's question (by Steve Jones - SSC Editor):


Ordering by Alias

I have a table with some order data that I need to build a query for. I gave a sample data set that looks like this:
 INSERT dbo.SalesHeader
 ( OrderKey, CustomerID, ShipTo, OrderDate, OrderTotal, StatusKey)
 ( 1, 1, 'Office', '2017-09-01', 500, 0 ),
 ( 2, 1, 'Home',   '2016-07-05', 500, 0 ),
 ( 3, 2, 'Office', '2018-11-06', 500, 0 ),
 ( 4, 3, 'Office', '2019-04-07', 500, 0 ),
 ( 5, 3, 'Office', '2018-06-08', 500, 0 ),
 ( 6, 3, 'Office', '2015-02-09', 500, 0 ),
 ( 7, 4, 'Home',   '2014-12-11', 500, 0 )
I query this table like this to test things:
          OrderDate = CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), sh.OrderDate, 101),
 FROM     dbo.SalesHeader AS sh
 ORDER BY OrderDate;
Which OrderKey is returned first?

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  Yesterday's Question of the Day (by Steve Jones - SSC Editor)

The Real REAL

What is the equivalent of the REAL datatype?

Answer: float(24)

Explanation: The REAL datatype is a Float(24). Ref: REAL and FLOAT - Thanks to Bert Wagner for inspiring this. He has a great video on floating point math and potential issues -

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Database Pros Who Need Your Help

Here's a few of the new posts today on the forums. To see more, visit the forums.

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Very large t-log with backups - I have a database that's 125GB, but the t-log is 190GB.  I do full backups each day and t-log backups every 15 minutes.  I've verified the log backups have been successful for the past week.  Generally when I see a large log like this it is because backups are failing.  The log isn't growing out […]
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Exporting very large Data to an XML file from SQL Server - I have a query that creates an xml file but I'm getting errors because the XML is too large. I've already set the Results To Grid Property XML Data to unlimited but I'm still getting the error.
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service pack Question - Hi, I updated our SQL ser5ver from Sp2 to SP 4 today, and it says it was a success. However when I run say: I get Sp 2 So did I get the update or not if not what can I do? Thank you SELECT SERVERPROPERTY('productversion'), SERVERPROPERTY ('productlevel'), SERVERPROPERTY ('edition')
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join with GEOMETRY data type - I want to perform something like....   SELECT * FROM a JOIN b ON a.geometryField  = b.geometryField OR SELECT * FROM a JOIN b ON a.geometryField.  STEquals(b.geometryField ) OR SELECT geometryField FROM a WHERE geometryField  IN (SELECT geometryField FROM b )   You get the gist.  None of the above work.  I know I need […]
Need help query for current row and previous row - Hye, I've table and data as following, CREATE TABLE [dbo].[WeightStory]( [Idx] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL, [WeightDte] [datetime] NULL, [WhatWeight] [decimal](18, 3) NULL, CONSTRAINT [PK_WeightStory] PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED ( [Idx] ASC )WITH (PAD_INDEX = OFF, STATISTICS_NORECOMPUTE = OFF, IGNORE_DUP_KEY = OFF, ALLOW_ROW_LOCKS = ON, ALLOW_PAGE_LOCKS = ON) ON [PRIMARY] ) ON [PRIMARY] GO SET IDENTITY_INSERT [dbo].[WeightStory] […]
Reporting Services
Failed Executions - Curious what everyone else is doing... I've always had a daily report showing me report subscriptions that failed.  I've had a task to better monitor all report interactions (subscriptions, cache refresh and interactive) sitting in my queue, but I put it off because of other higher priority tasks.  Right now I'm in the process of […]


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