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Building a Database Engine

I never wrote a database engine, unless you count writing code to read, write, and update flat files. I remember doing that early in my life with a friend as we tried to build our fantasy baseball game system. We needed a way to handle data, and use flat files, setting tokens to denote various “rows” and columns of data. I’m not sure that’s much of a database, but that’s the most I’ve done in building an engine.
Someone decided to tackle building a SQLite clone in C and wrote a series of articles on the process. They are an interesting read as the author works his way through adding new functionality for the engine. While I wouldn’t want to actually recreate a database engine that I needed, the exercise is interesting. My C knowledge is a little rusty, but I can follow along enough to appreciate the way that the application takes shape.
Writing software is often a challenge when we are creating a new system from scratch. It is often easier when we are trying to copy something that already exists, but there is still an effort to recreate all the functionality that already exists. However, it’s a good exercise and one that often helps software developers build stronger skills and practice their craft.
If you were going to practice writing some code, database or otherwise, what would you like to write? Would you attempt a database engine? Many of us know how quite a bit about how SQL Server works, but I don’t know if we’d actually want to recreate the code for some part of the system. When I learned how the memory-optimized tables were structured, I had fond memories of building similar linked lists in university, though at a far simpler (and less efficient) level.
I find myself tackling some problems to help others, or teach them a technique, but I haven’t had to build a full set of software in years. Maybe I’ll find a project at some point that I really want to tackle and actually build something larger. Finding the spare time to tackle a project is hard, but I’m ever hopeful that I’ll make the effort at some point.

Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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  Featured Contents

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  Question of the Day

Today's question (by Steve Jones - SSC Editor):


Executing Child Packages

When using the Execute Package Task in SSIS, when items can I not configure for the child package execution?

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  Yesterday's Question of the Day (by Steve Jones - SSC Editor)

Loading the Thesaurus

If I edit the thesaurus file used in my full-text search process, how do I get the new file to be used by SQL Server?

Answer: Execute exec sys.sp_fulltext_load_thesaurus_file with the language identifier. This affects the entire instance

Explanation: The sp_fulltext_load_thesaurus_file procedure is used to load, or reload, a thesaurus file on an instance. Ref: sp_fulltext_load_thesaurus_file -

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Featured Script

Function to convert UserAccountControl number to details text

Shane Clarke from

Function that converts AD UserAccountControl number to details text

--Create table to hold AD UserAccountControl data
CREATE TABLE [dbo].[AD_UserAccountControl](
[Flag] [decimal](20,0) ,
[Details] [varchar](100)

--Insert Values from
insert into AD_UserAccountControl values(1,'SCRIPT')
insert into AD_UserAccountControl values(2,'ACCOUNTDISABLE')
insert into AD_UserAccountControl values(8,'HOMEDIR_REQUIRED')
insert into AD_UserAccountControl values(16,'LOCKOUT')
insert into AD_UserAccountControl values(32,'PASSWD_NOTREQD')
insert into AD_UserAccountControl values(64,'PASSWD_CANT_CHANGE')
insert into AD_UserAccountControl values(128,'ENCRYPTED_TEXT_PWD_ALLOWED')
insert into AD_UserAccountControl values(256,'TEMP_DUPLICATE_ACCOUNT')
insert into AD_UserAccountControl values(512,'NORMAL_ACCOUNT')
insert into AD_UserAccountControl values(2048,'INTERDOMAIN_TRUST_ACCOUNT')
insert into AD_UserAccountControl values(4096,'WORKSTATION_TRUST_ACCOUNT')
insert into AD_UserAccountControl values(8192,'SERVER_TRUST_ACCOUNT')
insert into AD_UserAccountControl values(65536,'DONT_EXPIRE_PASSWORD')
insert into AD_UserAccountControl values(131072,'MNS_LOGON_ACCOUNT')
insert into AD_UserAccountControl values(262144,'SMARTCARD_REQUIRED')
insert into AD_UserAccountControl values(524288,'TRUSTED_FOR_DELEGATION')
insert into AD_UserAccountControl values(1048576,'NOT_DELEGATED')
insert into AD_UserAccountControl values(2097152,'USE_DES_KEY_ONLY')
insert into AD_UserAccountControl values(4194304,'DONT_REQ_PREAUTH')
insert into AD_UserAccountControl values(8388608,'PASSWORD_EXPIRED')
insert into AD_UserAccountControl values(16777216,'TRUSTED_TO_AUTH_FOR_DELEGATION')
insert into AD_UserAccountControl values(67108864,'PARTIAL_SECRETS_ACCOUNT')

-- Create function to call details for UserControlFlag
create FUNCTION [dbo].[fn_AD_UserAccountControlDetails] (@flag decimal(20,0))

IF @flag IS NULL

DECLARE @Details varchar(max), @curr varchar(100)
select @Details = ''
while (select @flag) > 0
select @Details = @Details + ' ' + (select top 1 details from [dbo].[AD_UserAccountControl] where flag <= @flag order by flag desc)
select @flag = @flag - (select top 1 flag from [dbo].[AD_UserAccountControl] where flag <= @flag order by flag desc)
select @Details = replace(ltrim(rtrim(@Details)),' ',', ')
RETURN @Details

-- How to use the function

SELECT [dbo].[fn_AD_UserAccountControlDetails] (514) as TestControlDetails

-- The function can be used combined with any table that contains UserAccountControl data
SELECT [Flag] ,[Details],[dbo].[fn_AD_UserAccountControlDetails] (flag) as UserStatus
FROM [dbo].[AD_UserAccountControl]

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