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Email the Auto-growth events that have occurred in the last 24 hours

-- This script will email DBA if a auto-grow event occurred in the last day -- Written by: Patrick Akhamie -- Date: 10/06/2011  Read more...
By Patrick Akhamie 2014/07/15 | Source: | Category: autogrowth
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Instant File Initialization

This article describes a way to speed up various file operations performed by SQL Server.  Read more...
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New SQL Monitor Custom Metric: Database Autogrowth

This metric for Red Gate SQL Monitor measures the number of database autogrowth events (data file or log file) in the last hour. Too many autogrowth events causes disk fragmentation which requires a change in the autogrowth settings of a database.  Read more...
By Press Release 2013/06/25 | Source: Red-Gate | Category: sql monitor
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Script to change auto growth settings for all databases in SQL Server

Script to change auto growth settings for all databases in SQL Server.  Read more...
By Shashank Srivastava 2013/05/28 | Source: | Category: administration
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SQL Server Database Growth and Autogrowth Settings

It's easy to create a database nowadays with point-'n-click, but if you've left your database's autogrowth settings at their default, you may hit problems in the future. Why? What do I do about it? Read on!  Read more...
By Additional Articles 2011/12/13 | Source: SimpleTalk | Category: autogrowth
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