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Stairway to T-SQL: Beyond The Basics Level 5: Storing Data in Temporary Tables

There are times when retrieving data for complex business requirement requires you to temporarily store one or more results sets for a short period of time. Typically these temporary tables are stored in the scope of the current connection, but they may also need to be available across multiple connections.   Read more...
By Gregory Larsen 2014/04/02 | Source: | Category: stairway series
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Temp Tables revisited

By Sergiy 2013/06/24 | Category: t-sql
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Temp Tables

By Sergiy 2013/05/24 | Category: t-sql
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Using Temp Tables in SSIS

emporary tables are created in the Temporary tables are created in the TempDB database, which persists for a particular session. The objective is to maintain that session, until the temp table information is used and dump the data into a physical table.   Read more...
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Temp Tables

By Ian Marran 2012/06/25 | Category: t-sql
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Table variable vs temp table

By bitbucket-25253 2011/10/03 | Category: t-sql
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Temporary Tables in SQL Server

Temporary tables are used by every DB developer, but they're not likely to be too adventurous with their use, or exploit all their advantages. They can improve your code's performance and maintainability, but can be the source of grief to both developer and DBA if things go wrong and a process grinds away inexorably slowly. We asked Phil Factor for advice, thinking that it would be a simple explanation.  Read more...
By Additional Articles 2011/09/22 | Source: SimpleTalk | Category: temp tables
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insert into temp table

By Matthias Kroll 2010/06/18 | Category: t-sql
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Introduction to Common Table Expressions

Learn how to use common table expressions to simplify your code. Replace temp tables and correlated subqueries with this cool T-SQL feature.  Read more...
By Kathi Kellenberger 2009/12/08 | Source: | Category: t-sql
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SSIS and Stored procedures using temp tables

SSIS has a problem with stored procedures that use temporary tables to generate output. This article describes a useful technique for working around this problem.  Read more...
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How SSIS and Other Tools Obtain Metadata

How to author stored procedures that use temp tables, so they work with tools such as SSIS and Crystal Reports.  Read more...
By Renato Buda 2008/11/03 | Source: | Category: fmtonly
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One line to drop a (temp) table if it exists

It is very common to want to drop a table, if it exists, before creating it. This script does so, and it works well with temp tables (where the system views are harder to query).  Read more...
By Mike Arney 2008/10/06 | Source: | Category: t-sql
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