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Export all tables to CSV files

Generates script to Export all tables to CSV files  Read more...
By Gonzalo Moles 2016/03/25 | Source: | Category: export
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 690 reads

Generate row constructors for existing data

Takes a given table and generates a UNION ALL'd set of rows from the table. Useful for copying small amounts of data without the need for SSIS or import/export wizard  Read more...
By Gabe Tower 2013/11/14 | Source: | Category: rows
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 1,143 reads

Export data from MySQL to SQL Server

Many people want to create a customized migration process using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), but it is hard to start working with heterogeneous databases like MySQL, Postgres, DB2, etc. Check out this tip to learn about how to import data from heterogeneous databases like MySQL to SQL Server.  Read more...
By Additional Articles 2012/04/20 | Source: | Category: mysql
Rating: (not yet rated)  Rate this |   Briefcase | 3,254 reads

JSON.SQL: A CLR-resident JSON serializer/deserializer for SQL Server

One CLR function and four CLR procedures for the import/export of JSON data to and from SQL Server are presented, with supporting performance metrics.  Read more...
By Bret Lowery 2011/07/18 | Source: | Category: sqlclr
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 9,601 reads

XLSExport: A CLR procedure to export proc results to Excel

A CLR procedure utilizing the NPOI library to export the results of a passed stored procedure to an Excel spreadsheet.  Read more...
By Bret Lowery 2011/06/23 | Source: | Category: sqlclr
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 8,845 reads

Export/import relational data across SQL Servers

The XportXML utility, will help you copy relational data (a bunch of related tables) to another SQL Server keeping the relational integrity intact, even when new primary keys are generated.  Read more...
By Ashish Kumar-1095774 2009/07/03 | Source: | Category: export
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 1,480 reads

Simple way to export SQL Server data to Text Files

With the combination of a few T-SQL commands this tip shows you a simple way to export data to text files.  Read more...
By Additional Articles 2008/12/05 | Source: | Category: export
Rating:  Rate this |   Briefcase | 9,324 reads

Exporting and Versioning Lookup Data: A Real-World Use of the CLR

The CLR has not been well-received and most people use it for Regular Expressions and string functions. Here is an example that goes beyond trivial uses.  Read more...
By Solomon Rutzky 2008/06/24 | Source: | Category: sql server 2005
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 5,143 reads
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