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Script Logins

By Gordon Klundt,

I wrote this procedure mainly as an exercise in converting varbinary to a usable string in a CTE, but it ended up being a suitable replacement for a procedure (two procedures, actually) that have annoyed me for a while.

Here are the reasons I like this script better than sp_help_revlogin:

  • One procedure instead of two.
  • Does not have to exist in the master database.
  • Scripts "creating message" output AS WELL AS whether or not the creation succeeded so you can tell where it actually had an error if there is one.
  • Checks for the existence of the login BEFORE it tries to create it.
  • States whether or not the login already existed or was created.
  • Allows you script logins for a single database as opposed to the whole server.
  • Allows you to script logins with [master] as the default database in case you are preparing a server where the databases do not exist for a given login.
  • Uses CTEs for the password and SID hash (welcome to 2005).

Hope this is useful to someone, good luck and enjoy.

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