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SQL Powershell Script To Restore multiple databases at One Go

By Raushan,

#  This script is used ONLY in test/development environments!
#  If you are planning to use this to restore production databases you should first test and evaluate the script in a test environment.
#  You can change the script if needed to match your environment and needs.
# Script will restore all the databases (*.bak) which are located in the folder defined as parameter.
# It will place database files to location defined for data and log files in SQL Server instance settings

# Steps to run this script:

1)First Save the script in file "D:\PSScriptToRestoreDatabases.PS1" -- you can save it at any location and write the command accordingly.
2)Open Run-->sqlps
3)write below commands .. Specify the BackupFileLocation and SQLServerInstance in this command
   D:\PSScriptToRestoreDatabases.PS1 -BackupFileLocation [bak_file_location] -SqlServerName [SQL Server Instance]

   -BackupFileLocation parameter is the full path to the folder where the BAK files are located
   -SqlServerName parameter is the SQL Server instance name where to restore

#  Example:
#  D:\PSScriptToRestoreDatabases.PS1   -BackupFileLocation "D:\SQLBackups" -SqlServerName "DEFAULT"
#  D:\PSScriptToRestoreDatabases.PS1   –BackupFileLocation “D:\DBBackups” –SqlServerName “.\SQL2008R2”
#  D:\PSScriptToRestoreDatabases.PS1   –BackupFileLocation “D:\DBBackups” –SqlServerName “.\SQL2012”

You will get the results like below ...

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