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date convertion to different time zone covering multiple location

By Partha Pal,

Here is the how to use the function

Note: As same time zone may cover multiple location, hence it needs to pass the location (other than 'UTC' and 'GMT') also along with time zone.
eg. EDT = Eastern DayLight Time covers North America as well as Australia hence it needs to call it as
dbo.ufnGetTZDateTime(<datetime needs to change>,<current timezone>,<current location>,<desired timezone>,<desired location>)

As our server is in IST Asia and if we need to convert the time to EDT, North America calling will be

select dbo.ufnGetTZDateTime(getdate(),'IST','Asia','EDT','North America')

select GETDATE() [Current IST Asia DateTime]
, dbo.ufnGetTZDateTime(getdate(),'IST','Asia','UTC',NULL) [Current UTC DateTime]
, dbo.ufnGetTZDateTime(getdate(),'IST','Asia','EDT','North America') [Current EDT North America DateTime]
, dbo.ufnGetTZDateTime(getdate(),'IST','Asia','EST','Australia') [Current EST Australia DateTime]
, dbo.ufnGetTZDateTime(getdate(),'IST','Asia','EDT','Australia') [Current EDT Australia DateTime]


Location can be get from TZLOCATION from TIME_ZONES table.

TimeZone can be found in TZCD, TZCDDL (TZCD are normal time zones, TZCDDL are Daylight time zones)from TIME_ZONES table

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