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Fast Table Valued Function to return all prime numbers within a range

By Jonathan Roberts,

This is an improvement to my last script: http://www.sqlservercentral.com/scripts/Tally+Table/155213/

Instead of deleteting rows from a table variable it uses a NOT EXISTS to filter out rows that are not prime, it also has a better filter to eliminate some obvious non-primes when populating the table variable @N.

Initially I tried writing the process as a script using temporary tables instead of table variables; when the script is written like this it runs approximately twice as fast (a demonstration of why temporary tables are better than table variables). But a table vaued function cannot have temporary tables in its code.

Of course, the fastest way to get lists of prime numbers, in SQL Server, is to create a permanant table of primes on your database which can be achieved this using this table valued funtion:

IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.Primes','U') IS NOT NULL 
    DROP TABLE dbo.Primes
INSERT INTO dbo.Primes(N)
  FROM dbo.FastPrimes(100000000,2)
-- Wait for 10 minutes to get all 5,761,455 prime numbers less than 100 million into a permanant table table, using 1.3 GB, that you can then use with great speed at your leisure.
SELECT * FROM dbo.Primes

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