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Proper Case A String Or Name

By David Allen-Williams,

SQL 2005 user defined function to convert a string to proper case (title case).

Flexible handling of delimiters and apostrophes to cater for words like "hasn't" and also names like "O'Reilly" and "d'Angelo".

Mac and Mc surnames are handled generically, with some rules and exceptions which may need to be extended.  Since McIntyre and Mcintyre are both valid capitalisations, the input string capitalisation is preserved where capitalisation cannot be conclusively determined as incorrect.  Credits to Kim Ryan's NameParse http://cpan.uwinnipeg.ca/htdocs/Lingua-EN-NameParse/Lingua/EN/NameParse.pm.htm for Mac and Mc exceptions.

This rule could also apply for other family name variants like "d'Angelo" and "D'Angelo" but it has not been applied in this version.

To use in SQL 2000, replace nvarchar(max) with unicode or non-unicode limited length string, and remove semi-colons within the script.

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