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Scheduler SP with Sample Log Creation/Exec Scripts

By GabeGreen,

I created this SP for use with our morning DW builds. I use it to manage the execution of multiple jobs. It first starts up to a configureable number of jobs, monitors these jobs until one (or more) complete, and then starts additional jobs as needed. If any jobs fail, it will run the "transaction logs" (also posted) job, to clean up each of the databases, and then retry the failed jobs. A log file is also maintained during execution. Parameters are: @jobs = Comma seperated list of jobs to execute @log = Integer that represents which log file to use @retry_until_count = Number of times to retry a failed job @retry_until_date = Only retry failed jobs until this date/time @max_simultaneous = Maximum number of jobs to execute simultaneously Please create/modify the LOG files as needed. Also you'll need the "transaction logs", "shrink dbs", and "sp_wait_job" posts. Gabe Green

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