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Check in New DDL to SourceSafe

By Rich Cowley,

Rather than invent (or learn) a whole new set of tools to preserve and version all DDL underneath our databases, we decided to use SourceSafe (something we're already using for all other source code). -- We've developed this VBscript to run nightly; it recreates object-level DDL in a given database and compares each object's script to its counterpart in a SourceSafe database.  Should the two differ, this script checks in the database's (newer) version.

To prepare this script for execution:
- Set up a SourceSafe database, with a DATABASE project under the root, and subprojects underneath it for each server/database combination you want to preserve.  (Example: "$/DATABASE/SERVER1_HR_Database".)
- Set up subprojects (Tables, Views, StoredProcedures, etc.) underneath each new server/database project built above.
- Replace all [square-bracketed] items in the script with your own server names, IDs and passwords.

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