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SQL server graph database

By Jayendra Viswanathan,

SQL Server has a feature to implement many-to-many relationships model. SQL server graph database capabilities is available in SQL Server 2017. Let us see the codes to implement the same.
We shall create the base table as “Org”. Load data into the table with the Insert command. We shall create “OrgNode” table as Node. The data from Base table “Org” will be loaded with Node details into the “OrgNode” Node table. 
“OrgEdge” is the table that stores the relationship data between the rows in the Base table “Org”. Edge table contains the From and To of Node table “OrgEdge”. Once the data is ready in he “OrgEdge” table, we will use MATCH clause to retrieve the data.  In the example, George is the first level employee, he has 1 employee who reports to him which is Peter. Peter has two resources who reports to him they  Jeff and Tedd. The last query in the above code sample will get the employees reporting to the Peter, they are Jeff and Ted.

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