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Drop Column

By Srinivas Annaswamy,

-- use database

-- SQL 2005 and above


exec sp_lib_drop_column 'constratintcheckhead','accountid','l'
exec sp_lib_drop_column 'constratintcheckhead','accountid','d'


-- testing

create table constratintcheckhead ( accountid int not nullprimary key ,clientid int not null )
create table constraintcheckdetails ( accountid intnot null ,notesid intnot null primarykey (accountid,notesid) )


alter table constratintcheckhead
add constraint DF_accountid default 0 for accountid

alter table constratintcheckhead
add constraint CK_accountid check (accountid >= 0 )

alter table constratintcheckhead
add constraint UQ_account Unique (accountid,clientid )

alter table constraintcheckdetails
add constraint FK_constraintcheckdetails_constratintcheckhead foreign key (accountid)
references constratintcheckhead (accountid)

create index IX_constratintcheckhead_clientid on constratintcheckhead(clientid) withfillfactor = 90
create index IX_constratintcheckhead_clientid_accountid on constratintcheckhead(clientid,accountid) withfillfactor = 90

drop table constratintcheckhead
drop table constraintcheckdetails
Description : Lists/Drops Constartints and indexes for a column and drops the column

Following constraints are checked only

Default,Check, Foreign Key, Primary Key,Unique Key
Indexes : Clustered or Non Clustered

This will not check column is replicated or part of full text etc

Only SQL 2005 and above

WARNING: Once constaints are dropped , column will be dropped
Assumes there are not more than 10 columns in an index

Usage : exec sp_lib_drop_column 'constratintcheckhead','accountid','l'
exec sp_lib_drop_column 'constratintcheckhead','accountid','d'

Input Parameters : @tablename , @columnname ,@flag char(1)
@flag -- 'l' -- list constraints only , 'd' -- drop column , 'b' -- list constraints and drop column

Output Parameters : None

Return Value : None

Record Set : None

Created Date : 10 Jan 2009

Created By : M A Srinivas

Created Version : 1.00

Total article views: 927 | Views in the last 30 days: 2
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