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Function to Round or Truncate DateTime

By Shane Clarke,

This Function is used to round to Second, Minute, Hour or Day or to Truncate to Second, Minute, Hour, Day, Month or Year and return Datetime Value

To Use Ths function use the following syntax

SELECT [dbo].[fn_TruncateOrRoundDatetime] ( <@dt, datetime,> ,<@Datepart, varchar(10),> ,<@TruncateOrRound, varchar(10),>)

eg: SELECT 'Round to Closest Hour',[dbo].[fn_TruncateOrRoundDatetime] ('2017-05-23 14:53:45.607' ,'hour' ,'round')

Returns:  "2017-05-23 15:00:00.000"

Valid values for @Datepart:

  Seconds = 'seconds', 'ss','s'

  Minutes = 'minute','mi','n'

  Hours = 'hour','hh','h'

  Day = 'day','dd','d'

  Month = 'month',mm','m'

  Year = 'year','yyyy','y'

Valid values for @TruncateOrRound:



More samples:

------ Use in conjunction with other tables / views

SELECT [dbo].[fn_TruncateOrRoundDatetime] (crdate ,'Month' ,'round') MonthCreated, * from sysobjects

------ Round to Closest Second

SELECT 'Round to Closest Second',[dbo].[fn_TruncateOrRoundDatetime] ('2017-05-23 14:53:45.607' ,'second' ,'round')

------ Truncate to Seconds

SELECT 'Truncate to Second',[dbo].[fn_TruncateOrRoundDatetime] ('2017-05-23 14:53:45.607' ,'second' ,'truncate')

------ Round to Closest Minute

SELECT 'Round to Closest Minute',[dbo].[fn_TruncateOrRoundDatetime] ('2017-05-23 14:53:45.607' ,'minute' ,'round')

------ Truncate to Minutes

SELECT 'Truncate to Minute',[dbo].[fn_TruncateOrRoundDatetime] ('2017-05-23 14:53:45.607' ,'minute' ,'truncate')

------ Round to Closest Hour

SELECT 'Round to Closest Hour',[dbo].[fn_TruncateOrRoundDatetime] ('2017-05-23 14:53:45.607' ,'hour' ,'round')

------ Truncate to Hours

SELECT 'Truncate to Hour',[dbo].[fn_TruncateOrRoundDatetime] ('2017-05-23 14:53:45.607' ,'hour' ,'truncate')

------ Round to Closest Days

SELECT 'Round to Closest Day',[dbo].[fn_TruncateOrRoundDatetime] ('2017-05-23 14:53:45.607' ,'day' ,'round')

------ Truncate to Day

SELECT 'Truncate to Day',[dbo].[fn_TruncateOrRoundDatetime] ('2017-05-23 14:53:45.607' ,'day' ,'truncate')

------ Truncate to Month

SELECT 'Truncate to Month',[dbo].[fn_TruncateOrRoundDatetime] ('2017-05-23 14:53:45.607' ,'month' ,'truncate')

------ Truncate to Year

SELECT 'Truncate to Year',[dbo].[fn_TruncateOrRoundDatetime] ('2017-05-23 14:53:45.607' ,'year' ,'truncate

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