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Functions for using the keys from the Date and Time Dimensions

By Joshua A. Walker,

These are functions related to the date and time dimensions created by the script posted here:http://www.sqlservercentral.com/scripts/TSQL/65762/


There are three functions. Copy them and run them in the same place where you have your dim_Date and dim_Time dimension tables.

There are example calls for each function in the comments section of each function.

Sample calls:

SELECT dbo.WHSE_fnGetDateKey(getdate()) [DATEID], dbo.WHSE_fnGetTimeKey(getdate()) [TIMEID]

SELECT dbo.[WHSE_fnGetDateTimeWKey](20090310,50000)


This is a vital piece for quickly and easily converting your datetime strings into the IDs for the date and time dimensions prior to storage in your fact tables.

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