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Script to send database consistancy errors

By Nisarg Upadhyay,

Ideally, when we run the database consistancy check, we should get notified if consistency check error. To fulfil this requirement, i have created a script which will create a stored procedure which will execute database consistency check on database and email the status of DB consistency check.


This script will perform below task

  1. Script will create a parameterized store procedure named "spDB_Consistancy_Check"
  2. Stored procedure will accept parameter “@DatabaseType”. Parameter will be either 'S' Or 'U'. 'S' = be System Databases U = User Database.
  3. Based on the parameter, stored procedure will perform consistency check on databases.
  4. When procedure completes consistency check, it will send an email to notify the status. If consistency check returns any error than it will display error in email body or just say "No database consistancy error found".

How to Configure:

we need to replace 2 parameters in script before creating stored procedure

  1. Replace @Email_Profile parameter with valid database email profile
  2. Replace @Recipients parameter with valid email recipients.


set @EMail_Profile='DEMO_Mail_Profile' --Replace this parameter with organization's email profile
set @recipients ='nisargupadhyay87@gmail.com' --Replace this with valid recipients

How to use:

  1. As mentioned in above code replace the parameter and execute the script on any database. This script will create a stored procedure and it can be executed by SQL Server agent job or we can run it manually.

Demo Code:

Exec spDB_Consistancy_Check 'S' --S = System database

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