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Simplified maintenance of columnstore indexes

By Alexander Parakhnevich,

I've just started to use columnstore Indexes in a SQL Server 2016 for a datawarehouse and realized, that it would be nice to have a SP, doing a maintenance of my ccix and ncix, without to know how they called and in wich tables they are :-) After examining of this info: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/relational-databases/indexes/columnstore-indexes-defragmentation following scenarios came into my focus -

1) I would like to be able to start a maintenance of a columnstore Index for a table, after data was loaded in it from a SSIS package.

2) I would like to start a maintenance from aMS Job Agent for all ccix in some schema in my database, after all ETLs have been completed.

3) I would like to proceed with a maintanance for all ccix within a database All of this I would like to do in a simple way, just giving names of db, schema or table to a store procedure.

Also I would like to be able make a choice if I do it with a rebuild or with a reorg.

I have solved it for me and I'm glad to share it with you. I belive everyone who is developing for a data warehouse with columnstore Indexes and tries to avoid OPEN row_groups from DeltaStore will need it:-)

Usage examples:

1) Command runs  a reorg for all colunmstores (for only partitions with OPEN RGs) in MyDB.

     exec [dbo].[usp_Maint_ColumnStore] @database='MyDB'

2) Command runs a rebuild for all columnstores (for all partitions in each table) in MyDB

     exec [dbo].[usp_Maint_ColumnStore] @database='MyDB', @Mode='reb', @Partitions='all'

3)Command runs a reorg for all columnstores (in all tables) in MySchema in MyDB

    exec [dbo].[usp_Maint_ColumnStore] @mode='reorg', @database='MyDB', @schema='MySchema'

4) Command runs a rebuild for a columnstore in MyTable existing in MySchema in MyDB with compression 'COLUMNSTORE_ARCHIVE'

   exec [dbo].[usp_Maint_CumnStore] @mode='reb', @database='MyDB', @schema='MySchema', @table='MyTable', @compression='arc'

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