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t-sql function to parse string data

By kmlakov,

The below function can be used to parse or split out data from a delimited string. The function takes in 3 parameters. The text you want to parse, the 1 character delimiter, and the total count of objects in the text.

Text for function is set at size of varchar(2000), feel free to make bigger if you wish. Also, delimiter is set to be 1 character, you may use any character you wish.

When calling function make sure to pass objects in that order as in below example. The function will then return a table datatype of size varchar(300) breaking out all objects in text. Again you may make this bigger as well.

Lastly, make sure when passing in text to function you end your text with delimiter.

Example of call to function, call assumes function resides in master database. delimiter is a comma, total records = 6.

SELECT * FROM [master].[dbo].[parsestring]('abcd,efg,hij,klm,no,pq,',',',6)

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