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New DMF sys.dm_db_log_stats in SQL Server 2017

By Jayendra Viswanathan,

I would like to share few of the attributes available for sys.dm_db_log_stats. This was the extract from my SQL Server machine. Since sys.dm_db_log_stats return table, I use CROSS APPLY to extract the matched data. Below are the few columns showed as examples. sys.dm_db_log_stats  can be used to display lots of data useful for SQL DBA's and SQL Developers.

Output for First Set : 

Name is the database name.

total_vlf_count  is the Total number of virtual log files (VLFs) in the transaction log.

log_truncation_holdup_reason is NOTHING in my example.

log_backup_time is the last BACKUP time from the SQL Server.

active_vlf_count is the total active VLF counts.

active_log_size_mb float Total active transaction log size in MB.

Output for Second Set : 

Name is the database name 
s.recovery_model is the database recovery model , 1 is for FULL , 3 is for SIMPLE.
collation_name is SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS
user_access_desc is MULTI_USER

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