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Didn't I Just Post about Slipstream making Installs Easier?

So the other day I posted, Slipstream - Makes installs simple, and this afternoon I needed to do a SQL Server 2008 Standard install to get an evaluation environment of Team Foundation Server 2010 installed.

Well, I didn't follow my own advice.  I figured I had some good reasons:

  1. My slipstream setup is on my laptop at home and is SQL Server 2008 Developer.
  2. I'm doing a one-time install so setting up the slipstream environment would take just as long as installing the RTM and then SP1.

Just call me stupid.  First, I got a Restart Required error that wouldn't go away on the RTM install.  You can find the fix to that here (thanks to Aaron Bertrand (@AaronBertrand)).  So I go the RTM installed, then I started to install SP1.  Wait! The same error!  No big deal I have the fix.  No, you can't use the /Action=Install with a service pack install.  Okay, I'll try /Action=Upgrade, nope that doesn't work either.  Finally, after 2 hours I tried /SKIPRULES=RebootRequiredCheck without the /ACTION parameter and it worked!

Lesson learned.  In less than half the time I could have built my SQL Server 2008 Standard + SP1 slipstream install and had everything up and running.  I basically lost an afternoon because I refused to do something I knew I should do.


Posted by Jason Brimhall on 30 March 2010

Something that happens to all of us.  We figure it will be faster to do it one way over the preferred because it is a one-off.

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