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Final Recap – 2009 Goals

By Jack Corbett, 2009/12/31

Well, I set 7 professional goals for 2009 and I did okay in meeting them, but I was not successful in all and, really, that is only because I did not put in the time to get them all done.  So let’s go through them and see how I did:

  1. Learn SQL Server 2008, particularly policy-based management, resource governor, and service broker.
  2. Write 1 article per quarter for SQLServerCentral
  3. Record and submit 1 video per quarter for JumpstartTV (now SQLShare).
  4. One blog post per week
  5. Become more involved in leadership in my local user group (OPASS).

Overall a pretty good year as I was week in my contributions to SQLServerCentral and SQLShare, but I learned a lot about SQL Server 2008 even though I didn’t meet my specific goals, and I exceeded goals 4-6, and attained goal 7.

Even though I did not meet all my goals 2009 was a great year for my professional development.  I learned a lot, not just technically, but how to be a professional and how to contribute to the community, so I’ll call 2009 a success!

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