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Archives: September 2009

On vs. Where

Does it matter if you put your criteria in the ON clause or the WHERE clause?  Well, as with most things SQL the answer is, “It depends”.  If you are dealing with INNER JOIN’s then it really doesn’t matter because the query optimizer is smart enough to come up with… Read more

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Posted in Wise Man or Wise Guy on 30 September 2009

Venturing into Powershell

As you probably know if you read my blog regularly, I recently put together a presentation called, Dive into the Default Trace, and as part of that presentation I wanted to provide examples of different ways to archive the Default Trace files.  Here are the option I considered:

  1. fn_trace_gettable…

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Posted in Wise Man or Wise Guy on 23 September 2009

September OPASS Meeting Recap

OPASS met last Tuesday, September 14th, with a mini (15 minute) presentation by Todd Holmes on Backup Basics and Jorge Segarra (@SQLChicken) speaking on Policy Based Management in the main presentation.  We had  good crowd of about 20-25.

Meeting Introduction

We started the meeting with some announcements and… Read more

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Posted in Wise Man or Wise Guy on 22 September 2009

Orlando PASS Meeting

Tonight is the OPASS bi-monthly meeting.  Todd Holmes will be giving a mini presentation on SQL Server Backups and out main speaker will be Jorge Segarra (@SQLChicken) speaking on Policy Based Management.  Jorge is very involved in the community as a blogger, twitterer, and speaking at local user… Read more

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Posted in Wise Man or Wise Guy on 15 September 2009

Thanks Space Coast SQL User Group

I want to thank the Space Coast User Group for having me over to speak on the Default Trace last night.  I had a great time meeting everyone and hopefully I presented some information that they all can take back to the office and use.

Space Coast is a relatively… Read more

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Posted in Wise Man or Wise Guy on 11 September 2009

What happened to that email?

This question:

Created script to send mails using sp_send_dbmail- working like a charm.
Now searching for a way to get result code of sent mail (like Success = Recipient got it,
Failure = Did not get regardless of the reason).
I mean SP return codes 0 (success) or 1 (failure)…

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Posted in Wise Man or Wise Guy on 10 September 2009

Speaking at Space Coast User Group

I have the privilege of presenting, Dive into the Default Trace, at the Space Coast User Group, tomorrow evening (Sept. 10). 

We’ll be discussing what the default trace is, what it collects, where' it is used, how to find it, and how to query it.  I have what I… Read more

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Posted in Wise Man or Wise Guy on 9 September 2009

Windows 7, UAC, and SQL Server

This is just a quick note, almost a continuation of my Access Denied, Not Possible post.  I have been working on some queries for a Default Trace presentation that I am preparing for the Space Coast User Group and SQLSaturday #21 – Orlando, and one of the queries has… Read more

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Posted in Wise Man or Wise Guy on 8 September 2009

Networking Successes

Over the last few weeks I’ve had several instances where I’ve had to learn new things and, in my struggles, have had the opportunity to get help from people I have met recently (both in person and on-line).  Notice I said “opportunity”.  One thing I’ve learned recently is that people… Read more

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Posted in Wise Man or Wise Guy on 5 September 2009

24 Hours of PASS

From 7:45 pm (Eastern DST) on Tuesday, September 1st until 8:00 pm on Wednesday, September 2 PASS provided free online seminars each hour.  It was a veritable who’s who in SQL Server and a great preview of what’s to come at the PASS Summit in November.  Unlike Tom LaRock (aka… Read more

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Posted in Wise Man or Wise Guy on 3 September 2009