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Chris Bell (MCITP) has been working with Microsoft technologies for over 20 years and using SQL Server for over 18 of those years. He is currently the Owner and Lead consultant for WaterOx Consulting, a Maryland based company focused on helping clients, that can’t afford or justify a full time data team, get the most from their SQL Server environments. For more information please visit WateroxConsulting.com.

Archives: September 2016

PowerShell -> Identify all SysAdmins in your SQL Server

No pressure. None whatsoever. There is just an Auditor standing behind you waiting for you to pull a list of all the accounts with sysadmin rights in your SQL Environment. You can’t BinGle; the Auditor is watching. You start to sweat. A lot. You excuse yourself to run to the… Read more

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Posted in WaterOx SQL on 29 September 2016

Think Using .. In Code Is A Time Saver? Think Again!

Ok, so what is this 4 part naming convention? It is the way the SQL Server (and other DBs out there) identify the exact location of the objects in the environment. The 4 part name follows the convention of <server>.<database>.<schema>.<object>. In most cases, you are only going to use the… Read more

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Posted in WaterOx SQL on 23 September 2016

Organizing a SQL Saturday – Part 3 – The Venue

You’ve got your team; now you need to find a somewhere to host your event. If you are lucky, you already had a place via your user group, or before you even started thinking about pulling an event together. Odds are, though, you have been inspired to put on an… Read more

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Posted in WaterOx SQL on 22 September 2016

sp_WOxCompliant Update

I just released an update to the sp_WOxCompliant script to fix a couple of issues. You can download it here! What changed?

The post sp_WOxCompliant Update appeared first on WaterOx Consulting.

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Posted in WaterOx SQL on 22 September 2016