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Digby’s Top 10 reasons you need a DBA

By WaterOx, 2013/05/21

Digby! helps to demonstrate the top 10 reasons you need a dedicated SQL Server DBA.

  1. They can handle unexpected database growth with ease
  2. Digby in the pool

    A DBA stays calm in a rapid growth situation












  3. They will get down and dirty with your data
  4. dirtydigby

    Nobody likes dirty data, especially a DBA.















  5. They are ready to help
  6. Digby Helping

    How can I help you with that danish…












  7. They are full of bright ideas
  8. IMG_1562

    Ask your DBA, you’d be surprised at the ideas they may have












  9. They keep your data safe from prying eyes
  10. Digby Censor

    Encryption, or a Newf head, both prevent you from seeing sensitive data













  11. They easily fill big footsteps
  12. IMG_2104

    and leave them too!












  13. They are experts at retrieving data
  14. Digby with stick

    or sticks!












  15. They do whatever is needed to help your organization succeed
  16. Pony rides

    Even offer pony rides!












  17. They are outstanding in their field
  18. digby field

    And they want you to join them


  19. They are just plain cool!
  20. Digby on Ice

    Some of the coolest people I know are DBAs













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