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Vivek's SQL Notes

Vivek johari is currently a Analyst and have more that 5.5 yeras of experience in database. He has Master degree in Computer and also he is Microsoft certified Sql DBA (MCTS)& Microsoft certified SQl BI professional(MCTS). He is also Oracle certified profession(OCP)DBA in ORACLE 10g and ORACLE 9i.He has the experience of working in PL/SQL, T-SQL and SSIS/SSRS. His work basically involved designing and optimization of the Database.He has also published many database articles on his blog Technologies with Vivek Johari.

Blog trasfering to new hosting server

Hi Friends,

This blog is now transferring to different hosting server. So you may got some issue in accessing it. Sorry for the inconvenience  caused

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Posted in Vivek's SQL Notes on 10 April 2018

SQL Script to find the database & their files details on a SQL Server

Sometimes we need a SQL Script which can gives the below information about the databases created on a SQL Server for house keeping purpose: -

1) Database Name
2) Database ID
3) Database Files name with their physical location
4) Database Creation Time
5) Users access type for Database

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Posted in Vivek's SQL Notes on 30 March 2018

SQL Script: - How to find the database restoring history of SQL Server databases

Sometime we need to find out the history of database restoration to get the answers of following questions: -

1) Do we need to restore the database again as there can be a possibility that it is restored recently?
2) Which backup file (with location information) is used for database…

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Posted in Vivek's SQL Notes on 30 March 2018

SQL Script: - How to find the last access date of a database

Sometime we create databases on Test/ Development database servers for temporary uses for short duration and  forgot to delete them after the work got completed. As a part of house keeping activity, we need to find out when a database is last accessed in order to find out the databases…

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Posted in Vivek's SQL Notes on 29 March 2018

Understanding Azure SQL Database- Introduction


In this first article of the series Understanding Azure SQL Database in which I am going to publish in the coming weeks to understand Azure SQL Database concepts. After this series, you will have the good understanding of the following Azure SQL concepts

  • What is Azure and Azure SQL…

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Posted in Vivek's SQL Notes on 18 March 2018

Learn How to Recover Deleted Records from SQL Server 2014


Sometimes users may have numerous of databases in their SQL Server. However, while managing their database sometimes by mistake their records are deleted due to which they face a lot of issues. To maintain the workflow they need to recover deleted records from SQL Server 2014. This could be… Read more

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Posted in Vivek's SQL Notes on 8 August 2017

Two Ways to Restore Database from MDF File in SQL Server


In todays decade Relational database Management system became the necessity of the organizations whether they are small level or large level. In such context SQL Server is the best and successful RDBMS which provides highly integrated services to manipulate the SQL database over the Server. As we talk about… Read more

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Posted in Vivek's SQL Notes on 27 July 2017

How to Resume Suspended Database Mirroring in SQL Server ?


Database mirroring is a feature in SQL Server which is creating and maintaining the redundant copies of the database. The purpose behind database mirroring is continuous data availability and minimizes the loss of the data. Redundancy ensures that there is always a one backup copy of the database should… Read more

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Posted in Vivek's SQL Notes on 3 September 2016

Happy New Year Friends

Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year. May GOD bless all of you with lots of Success and Happiness.

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Posted in Vivek's SQL Notes on 1 January 2016

SQL Recovery Software: An Ultimate Tool For SQL Database Recovery

SQL Server is a database management system which enables to store and retrieve data from the database. Due to some reasons like virus infection, improper closing of the Server, etc. the data in the database may go damaged or corrupted. The recovery of the data can be made possible with…

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Posted in Vivek's SQL Notes on 31 December 2015

Happy Independence Day - Jai Hind

Wishing you a very

Happy Independence Day

" We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made. "Albert Einstein.

     Some facts about India 
  1. Indus Valley Civilization is the world’s oldest civilization.So, India is…

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Posted in Vivek's SQL Notes on 15 August 2015

SQL Script to find all the triggers defined on a database or on a single table

Sometime we need to find all the triggers defined on the database. So in this case, we can use the below SQL Query:-

       tbl.name as [Table Name]
     , trig.name as [Trigger Name]
     , trig.is_disabled 
FROM [sys].[triggers] as trig
INNER JOIN sys.tables as…

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Posted in Vivek's SQL Notes on 14 August 2015

Interview question - Is Clustered index on column with duplicate values possible?

Through this article, we are going to discuss three important interview questions of SQL which are given below:-

 1) Can we create clustered index on a column containing duplicate values?

 2) Can we create a Primary Key on a table on which a clustered index is already defined?

3) If a clustered index…

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Posted in Vivek's SQL Notes on 13 August 2015

Question of the Month (July)

Suppose we have a table emp_plan  which contains 4 columns "Empid" (employeeid), Planid (Projectid), Startdate(Allocation Start date) and Enddate (Allocation Enddate). Its structure is given below:-

Create table emp_plan (empid nvarchar(200),planid nvarchar(20),startdate datetime, enddate datetime)

Also below is the script to enter sample data into the table:-

insert into emp_plan(empid,planid,startdate,enddate)

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Posted in Vivek's SQL Notes on 3 August 2015

Do you know about Whatsapp web?

Whatsapp claims that they currently have 500 million users worldwide. That is pretty impressive looking at the good amount of distinctively decent competitors they have within the space of Social Networking communication. ViberLineGoogle Hangout,Facebook Messenger & Hike (Commonly in India). While all these products…

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Posted in Vivek's SQL Notes on 11 July 2015

Script to find complete months between two given dates

Below script will help in finding the complete months within the 2 given dates. In the below script we takes below dates as example

Startdate =2015-07-05
Enddate =2016-01-06

/**********************Script Start**************************/

IF (object_id('tempdb..#month') is not null)

CREATE TABLE #month (id int identity(1,1),MonthStartDate DATETIME,MonthEndDate DATETIME)


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Posted in Vivek's SQL Notes on 10 July 2015

Script to find the complete weeks within two given dates

Sometimes we need to find out the complete weeks within two given dates. Below script will help in finding the complete weeks within 2 given dates. In this script, I have used below dates as example 


if (object_id('tempdb..#weekdays') is not null)
drop table #weekdays


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Posted in Vivek's SQL Notes on 10 July 2015

Importance of Best Practices in database programming

For any programming language, just writing the code is not well enough. It should be written using the best practices. This article will try to explain the disadvantages of writing code without using Best Practices and latter on how best practices can be implemented in our database code.

Code written…

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Posted in Vivek's SQL Notes on 1 February 2015

SQL Script to find the missing indexes

Performance tuning in SQL is important exercise and index creation is an important part of it. Below script will help in finding the missing indexes. Once you create these indexes, it will help in improving the Performance.

SELECT db_name(d.database_id) dbname

, object_name(d.object_id) tablename
, d.equality_columns
, d.inequality_columns
, d.included_columns
,'CREATE INDEX [missing_index_' +…

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Posted in Vivek's SQL Notes on 25 January 2015

SQL SERVER - Data types

In relational database, we store data in tabular form where data is divided into columns. Each column has a name and a data type which shows what type of data is going to store in that column. Below are the data types which are mostly used in SQL server. 


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Posted in Vivek's SQL Notes on 25 January 2015

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