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VitaminDBA.com is a source of SQL Server News and Tips coming from a SQL Server sr. database analyst with 10 years of IT experience ranging from Windows Server, Network, and SQL Server administration. I upload articles on the blog on a fairly consistent basis with the intention of at least 1 new article a week.

Helpful Undocumented Stored Procedure “sp_MsForEachDB”

This week’s post will be a short one to talk about a very helpful stored procedure in SQL Server called “sp_MSForEachDB”.

I ran across this stored procedure when trying to drop a login from multiple databases.  The uses of this stored procedure can go beyond just dropping a login, it… Read more

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Posted in vitamindba on 30 August 2018

Always On SQL Server Replica in a Disconnected State

Sometimes the SQL logs and application logs provide some great info in regards to errors and issues.  When building an Always On environment the error messages you can possibly run across are very vague and most the time not useful.

In this post we are going to talk about what… Read more

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Posted in vitamindba on 22 August 2018

Async Network IO SQL Wait

Over the last few days we have been tracking down the cause of some really high async network IO waits.  In order to fix this problem we have to understand the wait and what it is telling us, so that is where we begin.

Async Network IO in my experience… Read more

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Posted in vitamindba on 15 August 2018

Tracking Down tempdb usage

Determining what is causing your tempdb to grow can be difficult at times and troublesome during production issues.  Luckily SQL Server provides some views that produce some helpful information in regards to session usage and query allocations for tempdb.

The main views that detail tempdb usage are:

dm_db_file_space_usage – details… Read more

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Posted in vitamindba on 8 August 2018

SQL Server Availability Group Auto Seeding Error

SQL Server Availability Group Auto Seeding is a wonderful thing, it saves database administrators time when setting up availability groups.  However I found an issue with the graphical user interface in bedded in SQL Server Management Studio that makes it appear as if auto seeding has failed and SQL Server… Read more

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Posted in vitamindba on 30 July 2018

Keep up with SQL Server Patches!

Keep up with SQL Server Patches with us with our feed from Microsoft.  Check it out!  http://vitamindba.com/sql-server-releases/

The post Keep up with SQL Server Patches! appeared first on VitaminDBA.

Read more

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Posted in vitamindba on 26 July 2018

Patch and Update SQL Server via Command Line

No one likes to patch or update SQL Server, it takes time and can make for very long days.  I have been using a silent or quiet install of SQL Server patches used the Windows command line for a while now and it has cut down on the time it… Read more

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Posted in vitamindba on 25 July 2018

Set up Instant File Initialization for SQL Server

When a space growth operation is done within SQL Server (create, restore, auto-grow) the engine places zeros across the file system and then overwrites them to handle the growth.  Depending on the size of the growth what I explained above will obviously have some sort of performance impact.  Starting with… Read more

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Posted in vitamindba on 23 July 2018

Performance Tuning Exercise: Lazy Table Spool

Folks, it’s time for a bit of a performance tuning exercise.  Below is a real world situation where a stored procedure was taking greater than 22 minutes to complete.  The stored procedure was retrieving a top 1000 and doing some joins with other tables.  CPU usage was abnormally high on… Read more

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Posted in vitamindba on 18 July 2018

Install SQL via Windows Command Line

I have been on a mission to find easier ways to install SQL Server.  I have recently been working on a process to use the SQL configuration file and Windows command line to install my SQL Server instances.  This process has saved me tons of time and it also has… Read more

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Posted in vitamindba on 13 July 2018

Save your execution plans!

Working with performance problems and query tuning can be a headache and take a lot of time.  Most companies I have worked for have not done a good job with sharing experiences and dba to dba training.  DBA’s can have a variety of experience and specialize in different aspects of… Read more

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Posted in vitamindba on 12 July 2018

Login Failed – Token-based server access validation failed for SQL Server

Login failures are a common item to troubleshoot with SQL Server.  Out of all of the possible log failure reasons one of the most uncommon is “Token-based server access validation failed”.

There are 3 possible solutions to this error and in this article we will go over each possible solution. Read more

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Posted in vitamindba on 26 June 2018

Transaction Logs and Availability Groups

Everyday I learn something new.  A couple of days ago I posted about a problem I had with Always On and a full transaction log.  Finding root cause came from an article from Pinal Dave stating basically everything we knew what happened.

To recap the problem, transaction log backups… Read more

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Posted in vitamindba on 21 June 2018

SQL Server Patching within an Always On Environment

SQL Server Patching with the introduction and adoption of Always On has changed.  The traditional method by waiting for Service Packs is not really the recommended patching cycle anymore.  The cumulative updates are much more important to Always On, so keeping up with the cumulative updates is very important.

It… Read more

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Posted in vitamindba on 20 June 2018

Removing a secondary replica database in Always On SQL Environment

Removing a database from an Always On availability group is pretty straight forward and can be accomplished by either ssms or script.

To remove a database from a secondary replica after it is removed from the primary replica may result in errors if you are using the ssms.  The script… Read more

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Posted in vitamindba on 19 June 2018