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Denali – Day 25: Tools: Add-on to Sql server 2008 (R2)


Denali – Day 25: Tools: Add-on to Sql server 2008 (R2)


MDS and Best Practice Analyzer new features were introduced in sql server 2008 R2,

System Health Session – Introduced in Sql server 2008

in Denali Microsoft tried to make it improved and stable.


Master Data Services (MDS) Add-in for Microsoft Excel

New Silver light Explorer UI

Entity-Based Staging


New capabilities include:

?         Batch tags

?         Purge capabilities

?         Advanced capability to remove assigned domain-based attributes

?         Significantly increased performance



Denali also provided several TOOLs related to engine to enhance the database system and improve it which saves time and makes system more redundant.


Best Practice Analyzer is one of them.



The system_health session is an Extended Events session that is included by default with SQL Server. This session starts automatically when the SQL Server Database Engine starts, and runs without any noticeable performance effects. The session collects system data that you can use to help troubleshoot performance issues in the Database Engine. Therefore, we recommend that you do not stop or delete the session.


They are new and I have not worked on it, Will blog more on it later.

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