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Denali – Day 3: Hardware & Software requirements and Installation, Upgrade / Migration

Denali – Day 3: Hardware & Software requirements and Installation, Upgrade / Migration


I know this should be first or second blog post when you blog on any new technology, but as I said, I write as it goes. But I will make sure when I will consolidate my Blog a Month PDF this blog will be first.

As Microsoft has detained information on this I would be just pointing the link related to it. Could be in future, will be writing a detailed blog on individual.

  1. Hardware & Software Requirement:

    As it is an advanced version, so Microsoft make sure that system should be strong enough to use this big release.

    On OS level the minimum requirement is Windows 7 (vista SP2+*). Or Windows Server 2008 R2 (2008 SP2+*)

    *For developer Edition.

    MSDN/TechNet would be the best place to get detailed information.


  2. Installation:
    1. Wizard:- Installation is same as installation on other sql server like sql server 2008. You will get a wizard just go through it.


    1. System Preparation (Sysprep):- is another way of installation, when you want to duplicate installation, for some audit purpose you want to follow some standard, and some customize installation per user requirement.


    1. Command Prompt:- you can also install sql server 2012 using command prompt with specific parameters as,



    1. Configuration File :– to install sql server across Enterprise, you can create a batch file or setup file.


    For sql server you can install on as well:

    Can be installed on File share SMB

    Can be installed on Windows Server Core

    Windows Powershell ( is separate not with sql setup and mandatory)

  3. Upgrade:
    1. In-place upgrade: install sql server on the existing sql server(old). Here old setup will be lost and Denali will be installed.
    2. Side-by-Side upgrade: where old setup will exist and a new setup will be build, we can test the application and once confirmed can discard the old setup, additional hardware required.

    The detailed information of upgrade is here



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