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Comparison Microsoft Sql Server with other DBMS/RDBMS

By Vinay Thakur-585143, 2009/11/04

Today I was just thinking about to know what is the difference between sql server vs.. other DBMS/RDBMS. so thought of documenting this.searched on net and found some very interesting links….

All RDBMS... Very good:

Comparison MS Sql Server with Other DBMS/RDBMS

>>MS Sql Server VS Oracle:

----- so many sites has this info.

I like this...

>>MS Sql Server VS DB2

>>MS sql server vs Informix

>>MS sql server vs. mysql (old).....

>>Sql server VS PostgreSql,-SQL-Server-2008,-MySQL-5.1.html,289483,sid41_gci1222615,00.html

Please share something if you have any.



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