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Replication Setup:


I saw too many questions on forum asking step by step process of configuring replication I have these links in my favorites so though consolidating it.

For Sql Server 2000:

Snapshot Replication setup:

By Alexander Chigrik

Transaction Replication setup:

This is by Alexander Chigrik at database journal you can also find the same at

Merge Replication setup:

This is also by Alexander Chigrik

Another for merge replication by D J Nagendra

and more information about replication and step by step by Mahesh Kodli

For Sql Server 2005:

Transaction Replication setup:

I always refer this great link by longrujun

Merge replication setup:

here is link by Ahmad Eid Salim

Finally To Implement Bidirectional Transactional Replication:

Thanks you very much to all the bloggers to share this valuable information with us.

I will try to keep this up to date. Appreciate more links if you have any.



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