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Useful information and case studies covering Data Warehousing, Data Modeling, and Business Intelligence

I started my career in IT nearly 10 years ago and have remained influenced and driven by two particular technology initiatives - Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. Opportunities for partnership, learning, and innovation will continue to present themselves as we strive to meld people, business, and technology. I look forward to these opportunities as I am fulfilled by my membership to a scientific community that is driven by the development and execution of technology solutions that enhance the way we live and conduct business.

Archives: August 2012

Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) How-To: Check Database Size with DBCC_pdw_showspaceused

There is a way to view the size of a particular PDW database using the  DBCC_pdw_showspaceused command via the NEXUS query editor.  Executing the steps below will allow the developer to view sizes (in Mb) for the following columns:


Follow the steps below in NEXUS… Read more

Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) How-To: Avoid ShuffleMove and PartitionMove Operations

There are a couple process hungry operations that can be avoided when developing or migrating T-SQL queries into Microsoft’s Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) environment. With proper planning and attention to detail, one can side-step two operations more commonly known as the Data Movement Service (DMS) ShuffleMove and PartitionMove operations.  To… Read more