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SQL SERVER - CTRL+SHIFT+] Shortcut to Select Code Between Two Parenthesis

By sal.deloera, 2012/07/12

Reblogged from Journey to SQL Authority with Pinal Dave:

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Every weekend brings creative ideas and accidents brings best unknown secrets in front of us. Just a day while working with complex SQL Server code in SSMS I came across very interesting shortcut which I have never used before and instantly fell in love with it. It is totally possible that you are familiar with this but for me it was the first timeĀ and I was surprised that I did know know this short cut so far.

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Where has this been all my working life? If you frequently find your self scouring complex (and sometimes needlessly complex) T-SQL code, simply place the cursor on the inside or outside of a parenthesis, and perform a CTRL+SHIFT+]. Sql Server Management Studio will then highlight the code for that particular SELECT block. There is some complex T-SQL out there in the wild (future consultants beware!), this will save you loads of scrolling and searching time and help you wrangle in pesky blocks of extended code. Crunch that code! - Sal

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