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Changes to the SSIS Slowly Changing Dimension Component

By Todd McDermid, 2011/02/25

Probably not the kind of change you're expecting.  I've recently been contacted by the Kimball Group, and they've asked me to stop using the word "Kimball" to identify the component.  They have every right to make sure nobody is confused about who they are and what they do, or try to capitalize unfairly on their reputation.  I never intended to do anything of the sort, and certainly hope I've never given that impression.  Work is (slowly) underway to strip it out of the project materials on CodePlex.
Lemonade, Anyone?
So if I can't identify the component by the name of the methodology it follows... I've got to find something else for it's title - because "SCD component" is just boring, and will easily be confused by the component of the same name (but definitely inferior capability IMO) included within SQL Server Integration Services.
I could come up with a label, but it would probably be really lame.  Anything I can think of to tack on to "SCD Component" seems trite and overused in the world of 3rd party objects.  Your typical adjectives of "ultimate", "fast", "improved", "enhanced" don't seem to be able to capture what I'm looking for.
I Need Your Help
This component turned into a real community experience for me - 50,000 site visits,13,000 downloads, 600 discussion posts, and 100 bug reports and suggestions.  Best of all (for me) were 4 four-star and 10 five-star reviews (nothing lower) and the expressions of support.
So that's why I'm turning to you - the people who know what this component does better than anyone!  I'd like to run a little contest to come up with a new name for the project - something that speaks to the impact that it has for you in processing incremental dimension loads in SSIS.
Think Out of the Box
Don't restrict yourselves to looking through the thesaurus to find an adjective to tack on to "SCD Component" like I did.  Think unique.  A descriptor that's funny, insightful, or just plain accurate will do - but not something you'd hear everyday.  Send me your idea for the full name of the component, as well as something shorter if you get out of breath saying the full name.  (An obvious nickname would be the acronym... but you can do better, right?) 
Leave your ideas (and lobby for your favourites) in the comments, send an email to toddmcdermid at, tweet to @Todd_McDermid, or tell me in-person at SQL Saturday #65.
The Incentive
Seriously - you need an incentive other than contributing to the community?  Of course you don't - but I have one for you anyway.  The winner - chosen at my sole discretion - will get a boxed Windows 7 Ultimate x64.  You'll probably have to patch it to SP1 by yourself... but you guys develop SSIS ETL packages, so I know you're used to a little manual hackery.  (I may also have a little something for the funniest entry - I'm talkin' shooting-milk-out-the-nose funny...)
The Time Limit
All good things must come to an end - and this contest will too.  You've got one week - until midnight Pacific Time on Friday, March 4th to send me the moniker that should emblazon the best SCD option for SSIS.  Stay tuned for the results!

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