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Todd Kleinhans

Todd Kleinhans has been working with SQL Server since 1999. He has worked as a dba, developer, data architect, manager, and consultant in a wide number of industries. He is currently a Senior SQL Server DBA at Good Sam Enterprises. Todd is also the current VP of Marketing for the Denver SQL Server User Group. He has presented at user groups, SQL Saturdays, and virtual groups too.

Test Post

Changed my url back to WordPress, waiting for DNS to catch up.

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Posted in Todd Kleinhans on 18 April 2017

On Stepping Down and Out… For a Bit

For those of you on the Denver SQL Server User Group e-mail list, you probably heard the news I am stepping down and aside from being President from January to April and will be back in May 2017.

Nothing bad has happened, thank God. On the contrary- something wonderful.

In… Read more

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Posted in Todd Kleinhans on 5 January 2017

To Those Who Cannot Go To #SQLSummit

Can’t make it to the #SQLSummit? I know EXACTLY how you feel. Maybe not at the depths or level of understanding as I think I can. Allow me to share some of what I have experienced. I’ll save some specific details for another story.

I have only been to the… Read more

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Posted in Todd Kleinhans on 17 October 2016

PASS Speaker Idol 2016 – Todd Kleinhans

I am grateful and thankful I got selected to speak again at Speaker Idol. It has been a crazy and fun year since I last blogged. Hard to believe a year has passed!

The short version? I ditched my Apple iPhone 6 and went to the dark side (Android) and… Read more

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Posted in Todd Kleinhans on 9 October 2016

PASS Speaker Idol 2015 – Todd Kleinhans

To All-

I am truly grateful I have been selected for this unique contest: http://www.dcac.co/your-pass-speaker-idol-2015-top-12-are

Good luck to all of my fellow Speaker Idol contestants and thanks to Denny Cherry and others for making this happen!

Some words of wisdom I would like to share with my fellow contestants- while… Read more

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Posted in Todd Kleinhans on 13 October 2015

A Tale of SQL Server Disk Space Trials and Tribulations


System: 5.5GB of RAM, Windows 2008 R2, vmware, 4 cores, SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition. The database currently has the following data files: two files in the PRIMARY filegroup, and one other file in another filegroup, plus one log file. It used to have two log files…

Current… Read more

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Posted in Todd Kleinhans on 28 April 2015

How Do Blind People Use SQL Server?


I can just see people skimming that and doing a knee-jerk reaction, “What a cruel and mean title! You should be ashamed of yourself for even discussing such a topic! You should be blacklisted and publicly shamed immediately on social media!”

Bring it.

There was a point at some… Read more

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Posted in Todd Kleinhans on 22 April 2015

How Do You Visualize Abstractions?


Some time ago, my kids asked me what I do for a living. I told them I work with databases.

“What’s a database?”

“Well its a collection of words and numbers that lives in a highly organized bucket in a storage system hundreds of miles away in a thing… Read more

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Posted in Todd Kleinhans on 15 April 2015

Get Started and Build Your Own SQL World

“Sir, thank you for taking this meeting. We have this new thing to show you. It will allow you to see unexplored data patterns, data mining relationships amongst unrelated information, and advanced visualizations. Just put on this Virtual Reality (VR) headset and we can get started.”

“You mean I have… Read more

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Posted in Todd Kleinhans on 7 April 2015

A VR Wielding Mentee


This post is my submission to become one of Paul Randal’s mentee(s) in 2015: http://www.sqlskills.com/blogs/paul/want-mentored/

As I write this blog post, I just happen to be in view of a picture of The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Creation_of_Adam

It is a small section from the fresco of the… Read more

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Posted in Todd Kleinhans on 10 February 2015

Virtual Reality (VR) Meet My #sqlfamily

Virtual Reality? And SQL Server?

“… and never the twain shall meet” bit.ly/1yhgLHS

Or should they?

The time has come for data professionals to begin embracing and learning new ways of presenting visualizations to end-users. I see a coming intersection of three sets: data professionals, gamers, and VR.

I just… Read more

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Posted in Todd Kleinhans on 22 January 2015

Brand Level Zero

It’s that time of year when people look back on the past year(s) and think about what they have and have not accomplished.

Going into 2015 I feel like this is going to be my breakout year- why and why now?

Why not just stay silent and in the shadows-… Read more

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Posted in Todd Kleinhans on 29 December 2014