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Keeping a Low Profile

By Tim Mitchell, 2009/09/01

I’ve been mostly offline for the last ten days or so, cutting back on blogging and forum participation and mostly staying away from the Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook circles.  We’ve had 3 of 4 family members who have fallen ill in the last week (myself included), and we’ve been prepping for the baby with improvements to the house and lots of pink purchases.  But I am still around and engaged, doing some real work behind the scenes; as Mark Twain said, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”. 

I do have several SQL Server-related projects in the pipeline.  I’m working some articles for SQL Server Central, including a series on how to get started with scripting in SSIS (thanks to Steve Jones for the suggestion).  I’ve volunteered to be a technical editor for the SQL Server Standard, the recently revived print magazine that is now run by PASS and will be published as an online magazine.  I’ve also volunteered to work on a CodePlex project spearheaded by Jorge Segarra that will help to identify Protected Health Information (PHI) assets within healthcare organizations to insure compliance with HIPAA.  Also in the mix is an add-on for the PASS website that will allow the aggregation of SQL Server-related blog posts, a project that will hopefully be ready for testing this week.

Looking forward, I've volunteered to be a speaker at the SQL Lunch series, and for my first presentation I will be discussing ways to integrate Report Builder 2.0 into your SSRS environment on October 12.  I'm also on the lookout for speaking opportunities for 2010, and am actively working to bring SQL Saturday to Dallas in January or February of next year.

More to come soon!

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