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A skinnier SQL Server Magazine

I could have sworn that my SQL Server Magazine seemed much smaller this month.  When I pulled out last’s months magazine to compare, the December issue is 8 pages shorter (48 versus this month’s 40). In fact, I found where Lee Everest confirmed that the magazine averaged 80 pages only a few years ago!

I realize that ink-and-paper publications are struggling right now, but it seems to me that when you cut your pages you also cut your ad space, and in the long run, subscribers.  Will SQL Server Magazine become an online-only publication, similar to what PC Magazine is doing in February?  SQL Server Standard seems to have fallen off the map, and there are no other mainstream SQL Server print publications that I know of.  This magazine has always been a good source of intelligent, well-edited and accurate content, and I would hate to see it fall by the wayside.

I’m still a subscriber through summer of next year if memory serves, but I’ll have to then reconsider whether I’m getting $40/year value from the mag (interesting that the price stayed the same despite the haircut).  I am more than willing to pay for a quality magazine that brings me value, but if the content is to dwindle down to nothing I’d rather access the myriad free resources and judge their quality myself.  If printing costs are the root of this evil, I’d be happy with an online-only version if the same quality standards were upheld, although I must admit that [political_incorrectness] there’s a certain thrill with opening the little plastic bag every month [/political_incorrectness].

I’ll be interested to see how this one turns out.

Tim Mitchell

Tim Mitchell is a business intelligence consultant, author, trainer, and Microsoft Data Platform MVP with over thirteen years of data management experience. He is the founder and principal of Tyleris Data Solutions.

Tim has spoken at international and local events including the SQL PASS Summit, SQLBits, SQL Connections, along with dozens of tech fests, code camps, and SQL Saturday events. He is coauthor of the book SSIS Design Patterns, and is a contributing author on MVP Deep Dives 2.

You can visit his website and blog at TimMitchell.net or follow him on Twitter at @Tim_Mitchell.


Posted by Kevin Hill on 8 December 2008

>>Server Standard seems to have fallen off the map<<

Actually, the last issue was the last issue.  They're online only now.

Posted by Steve Jones on 8 December 2008

Correct, Chuck announced at the Summit that they would not publish it anymore. It's hard to do, and it's expensive, but I thought there was value in there.

I think SQL Mag has fallen way off over the years in terms of value and quality at times. My guess is they will cease print before 2010.

Posted by Anonymous on 9 December 2008

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Posted by GilaMonster on 10 December 2008

The only reason I resubscribed to SQL Magazine back in july (and it's an electronic subscription) is because I was offered it for free.

Posted by Christopher Ford on 4 February 2009

Well, that saddens me.  I enjoy the print version of the magazine.  

After the reader vote on wanting more content, less articles, I was really upset.

Now what I got in the mail in January (actually got a January Issue) was almost worthless.

What happened to all the great content on Data warehousing that I could take to my desk.

The T-SQL blackbelt section, the monthly puzzles, the reader feedback...

Now I get something I should just wipe my butt with and flush down the toilet, it's not good for much else anymore.

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