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Raising the Bar

By Tim Mitchell, 2008/11/24

Turning up the heat.  Take it up a notch.  Stepping up to the plate.  Less talk, more action.

However you choose to describe it, I’m upping the ante on my participation in the SQL Server community.  As I wrote in my previous post, I had allowed myself to get so busy with other things that I neglected my professional writing for months.  Well, to the enjoyment of both of my blog subscribers (thanks Mom and Dad), I’m now on a schedule that a drill sergeant would appreciate.

Thanks to inspiration by the blogging of others (Steve Jones and Andy Warren and their regular daily blogs) as well as some online articles including Scott Hanselman’s How To Be a Better Developer in Six Months (even though it’s been some 16 months since he wrote that…. I really have been slacking), I am taking it on myself to schedule regular contributions this site and the community as a whole.  I’m publishing said schedule for two reasons: 1) to remind myself of what I have committed to, and 2) I fully expect that my fellow community members will taunt me relentlessly if I start slacking.

So here goes:

To be fair, the last one is more of a long-term goal, but putting it out there will be a friendly reminder to me, and will serve as my announcement of my interest in same, in case anyone is in need of those services :)

I’ve set some other goals for myself that will not be as visible to the community but, in taking Hanselman’s advice, I’ll share them with you here as well:

So there it is.  It seems like a very short list considering the amount of time I’ve been working it out in my head, but it’s out there, it’s public, and I’m committed.  If I am spotted slacking in any of these goals, you all have my permission to call and harass me, or just leave snide comments on my blog.  For my part, I promise to report back on my progress of these less-visible goals.

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