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9 resources not to be Skeptic about Big Data


2 years ago I posted “16 papers and original articles on Big Data” It’s now time to review and extend my original list.

“Big Data” reached its Peak in 2012, according to the Gartner and based on their Hype Cycle. This is what skeptics are saying:   


Still in doubt? You should not be, consume the right resources. There are countless Big data reports, covering marketing and every imaginable application. I’ll highlight key nuggets:

  1. Updated. The IDC digital universe 2020 was refreshed last December, documents the data explosion.
  2. “Big Data: the next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity” by McKinsey turned out to be the main reference for the scarcity of Analytics Human Resources.
  3. The emerging returns of Big Data by Tata is a great summary of the state of Big Data across geographies, industries and solutions.
  4. From the IT Industry, The Software & Information Industry Association published their “Data-Driven innovation” report
  5. The evolution of data products” is one of my favorite reports, it helped me understand why Big Data can be more important than the PC itself.
  6. Beyond Information Technology, Mary Ann Liebert’s “Big Data Journal” covers the short and long term potential of Big Data.
  7. If the industry won’t solves Privacy and Security concerns, the government will. The “Shakespeare review of Public Sector information” provides great suggestions on establishing National Data Initiatives.
  8. For the Investor there is no direct link for “Big Data II” but you might try to contact Merryll Lynch and ask for a copy. A nice analysis of the companies and products behind this revolution. On a related note, Gartner is actually talking now of the creation of a whole new Data-Driven Economy.
  9. Missed on my original list. The “Unreasonable effectiveness of data”. Presumes “Invariably, simple machine learning models and lots of data trump more elaborate models based on less data”

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