Printed 2017/08/23 02:23AM

A social media ecosystem maturity model


How is Social Media evolving on emerging countries? What countries are leading and how they compare between them? It’s common to find basic benchmarking on the web: total number of facebook users, twitter activity and other. But research on new technologies is always limited on emerging countries.

Let me propose a model for evaluating the social media ecosystem maturity using 40 variables from the World Bank, OECD and Comscore: One the y-axis the ecosystem readiness composed by Educational system, Infrastructure readiness, ease of doing business, skilled workfoce and others:


Some findings, using Latin America for the analysis:



Emerging countries should leverage the Social Media to create programs to develop their digital ecosystem. Now you know how different countries are doing and areas to develop. Feel free to leverage the model and comment on it.

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