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The Smiling DBA

Thomas LeBlanc ( MCITP 2005/2008 & MCDBA 2000) is a Senior SQL Server DBA at Turner Industries, LLC in Baton Rouge, LA. He has been in the IT field for 21 years starting as a COBOL programmer, graduating to dBase, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, upgrading to Visual Basic versions 3-6 and even some .Net(C#). Designing and developing normalized database has become his passion. Full-time DBA work started about 9 years ago for Thomas while working at a Paper Mill in St. Francisville, LA continuing with IEM, then Amedisys. Performance tuning and reviewing database design and code was an everyday occurrence for DBAs at Amedisys. Thomas’ free time is spent helping those less fortunate and improving his relationship with his family and God.

PASS BI/DW presents Dimensional Modeling 101–by me…

With a little help from the Kimball Group, I have become somewhat knowledgeable with the Data Mart dimension model approach to Data Warehousing. The PASS DW/BI Virtual Chapter has graciously allowed me to present on Dimensional Modeling. I am not an expert, so this is an introduction to what I have learned over the years.

At Crown Vantage (a paper mill), I was tasked to move a data warehouse from the old (bankrupt) home office to the lone paper that was left. After reading A Diary to Data Warehousing, I found out that our office (Sales) just needed a Data Mart, and did not need a Data Warehouse for the nightly reports. Years later I was a DBA at Amedisys and started to help the BI team performance tune the SQL. This led me to the BI department of Amedisys.

Please join me tomorrow if interest in a level 101 intro to Dimensional Modeling!!!

Tues July 17th 11:30am - 12:30pm Central

Dimensional Modeling 101

Speaker: Thomas LeBlanc


This session is going to help create a dimensional Data Mart from the AdventureWorks database that includes dimension tables and 2 example fact tables. The Kimball spreadsheet for documenting a Data Mart will be used to re-enforce the need for Requirements and Functional specifications. A brief review of ETL for Slowly Changing Dimension and population of the Fact will be demonstrated as well as a simple cube for reporting.


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