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Monday Coffee: Long hours worked

Last week I asked the following question on twitter: –

I had a load of responses from a lot of DBAs out there who have worked some crazy shifts, you can see all the responses here

My personal record is due to a data centre migration. We moved all our physical kit from on-site to a data centre. I racked up 23 hours straight, followed by another 14 hours.

Pretty heavy going but nowhere near some of the responses I had (seriously there were some mammoth shifts in there).

I’m not sure how everyone else feels about these kinds of shifts. They’re definitely not enjoyable when they’re happening but I kind of hold onto mine as a badge of honour. Something that every DBA goes through and it’s one of those experiences that I feel has made me a more seasoned DBA.

Saying that, I don’t want any 20+ hour shifts again any time soon ??

Have a good (hopefully not too long) week!

The DBA Who Came In From The Cold

I’m Andrew Pruski and I am a SQL Server DBA with 5 years experience in database development and administration.

The online SQL Server community has helped me out immensely throughout my career, whether from providing reference material in blog posts, or answering my (sometimes obscure) questions on forums. So, to try and say thank you, I would like to contribute my own experiences in the hope that they could benefit someone out there.

So here’s my general ramblings and thoughts about working as a SQL Server DBA.

You can find me on twitter @DBAFromTheCold

If you have any feedback on my blog please send me an email to dbafromthecold@gmail.com.


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