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The DBA Who Came In From The Cold

I’m Andrew Pruski and I am a SQL Server DBA with 5 years experience in database development and administration.

The online SQL Server community has helped me out immensely throughout my career, whether from providing reference material in blog posts, or answering my (sometimes obscure) questions on forums. So, to try and say thank you, I would like to contribute my own experiences in the hope that they could benefit someone out there.

So here’s my general ramblings and thoughts about working as a SQL Server DBA.

You can find me on twitter @DBAFromTheCold

If you have any feedback on my blog please send me an email to dbafromthecold@gmail.com.

Archives: November 2016

SQL Server & Containers – Part Three

This post follows on from Part Two in which we created a custom docker image. We’ll now look at pushing that custom image up to the Docker repository.

Let’s quickly check that we have our custom image, so run (in an admin powershell session):-

docker images

If you’ve followed Part… Read more

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Posted in The DBA Who Came In From The Cold on 30 November 2016

Monday Coffee 2016-11-28

MCSA SQL Server 2016

The new SQL 2016 MCSA exams are out and joy of joys, the DBA path no longer requires the Data Warehouse exam! I say this as a DBA who has had limited practical exposure to the topics covered by that exam so it’s always put me… Read more

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Posted in The DBA Who Came In From The Cold on 28 November 2016

Friday Reading 2016-11-25

Friday again so before I spend a weekend watching sci-fi movies, I’ll be reading:-

Virtue in the Virtual
Tony Davies discusses containerisation and virtualisation technologies and how they could be used to benefit processes within RedGate

Query wait stats in SQL 2016 SP1 Execution Plans
What a cool feature!

Source… Read more

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Posted in The DBA Who Came In From The Cold on 25 November 2016

SQL Server & Containers – Part Two

This post follows on from SQL Server & Containers – Part 1 and will go through how to build custom container images.

Since Part 1 came out Microsoft has released SQL Server vNext which is available in the Docker repository. I used the SQL 2016 Express image in Part 1… Read more

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Posted in The DBA Who Came In From The Cold on 23 November 2016

Monday Coffee 2016-11-21

Well there were quite a few announcements in the SQL Server world last week.

SQL Server vNext CTP was made available for download, the big news there is that that version will be available either on Windows or Linux. The Linux version of SQL has been in private preview for… Read more

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Posted in The DBA Who Came In From The Cold on 21 November 2016

Friday Reading 2016-11-18

Another week almost over so in-between daydreaming about relaxing this weekend I’ll be reading…

SQL Server 2016 SP1 has been released. If you haven’t read this blog post yet, have a look at the first point when it details what new in SP1

SQL Server vNext is out… Read more

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Posted in The DBA Who Came In From The Cold on 18 November 2016

SQL Server & Containers – Part One

Containers are a hot topic at the moment, there seems to be a new article about them on Hacker News every day and now that Microsoft is supporting containers on Windows Server 2016 I thought it was time to have a look for what that means for us DBAs.

The… Read more

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Posted in The DBA Who Came In From The Cold on 16 November 2016

Monday Coffee 2016-11-14

Communication in the workplace.

With the release of Microsoft Teams we now have a dazzlingly array of software designed to increase communication between workers and departments in the workplace. There’s the old staple that is email, instant messengers such as Skype for Business and now relatively new systems such as… Read more

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Posted in The DBA Who Came In From The Cold on 14 November 2016

Friday Reading 2016-11-11

It’s Friday so no releases to Production today (ha!) which means in-between my code reviews, server audits and other tasks I’ll be reading the following…

Speaking? You? Go on.
Rob Sewell talks about why you should be presenting and gives his tips.

Public Speaking: A Primer
Paul Randal with a… Read more

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Posted in The DBA Who Came In From The Cold on 11 November 2016

Drag & Drop Table & Column Names in SSMS

I was working with a developer the other day and he was typing out each table name and all the column names he needed when working in Management Studio. He didn’t know that you can drag a table or column from object explorer into the query window and thinking about… Read more

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Posted in The DBA Who Came In From The Cold on 9 November 2016