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Terry's Business Intelligence

Terry is a BI Developer in London, focusing on DataWarehouse design and Reporting using SQL Server SSIS/SSAS/SSRS.

SQL Query Result Order

Every time an SQL query is run without the ORDER BY clause, the sort order of the results returned is not guaranteed. SQL Server decides which is the best order to return the query. This is based on factors like whether indexes are used or data fragmentation on the physical…

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Posted in Terry's Business Intelligence on 5 June 2013

SQL Logical Query Processing Order

This probably applies more to beginners or people who have been using SQL for a while but have been wondering why sometimes the query works in a certain way and sometimes it didn’t. Before I read the book for the exam 70-461, I found it relatively easy to just plonk…

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Posted in Terry's Business Intelligence on 3 June 2013

SQL and Relational Theory

Do you know the foundation of SQL? According to the book Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Training Kit on the Microsoft label, T-SQL is a Microsoft flavour of the more standard ANSI and ISO version of SQL which is based on a branch of mathematics called Relational Model. Relational Model…

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Posted in Terry's Business Intelligence on 31 May 2013

The right terminology for the right audience

For those who has the privilege of being in the technology consulting industry for some time and started out in the technical side of things, remember those books or courses that teach about methodology or best practices? For example, for project management, you need to specify a requirements gathering stage,…

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Posted in Terry's Business Intelligence on 17 January 2013

Address Clean-up for Mail Merge using SSIS

Remember the good ol’ days of going through a list of addresses and manually cleaning up hundreds if not thousands of addresses to prepare for a snail mail merge? What? You’re still doing it now in the 21st century? Just kidding. Chances are, you will need to be able to…

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Posted in Terry's Business Intelligence on 19 October 2012

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