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Slides for today’s PASS Virtualization Webinar Now Available

By kleegeek, 2013/02/13

I had a great time in delivering the SQL PASS Virtualization virtual chapter session today on ‘Squeezing the most performance from your VMware-based SQL Server.’ Thank you goes to the chapter leaders for inviting me to speak, and also to all of the attendees! You all had great questions and really enjoyed answering them for you!

The slides are attached to this post. Please let me know if any of you have any additional questions or issues that I can assist with. Thanks again, and watch for a Hyper-V version of this session in the near future!

Squeezing the Most Performance From Your VMware-Based SQL Server

Update: The recording of the presentation is now online!

    Recording URL: 
    Recording ID: NDWGP2 
    Attendee Key: K:P3XW6rn 

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