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Last Weeks Top 10 “Reading” Links #9

By StrateSQL, 2012/12/03


Throughout the week, I like to tweet links to the things that I’ve been reading.  Since they all come out through out the day, I figured that I’d share a list of those that were most popular last week.

Last week’s top 10 “Reading” Links

  1. An MCM exam, Rob? Really? [33 clicks]
  2. Air Force scraps massive ERP project after racking up $1 billion in costs [27 clicks]
  3. T-SQL Puzzle [20 clicks]
  4. DBA Best Practices – A Blog Series: Episode 1 – Backups [19 clicks]
  5. How to Double Your LinkedIn Recommendations With Style [15 clicks]
  6. Non updating updates – Tips, Tricks, and Advice from the SQL Server Query Optimization Team [12 clicks]
  7. New Course: SQL Server: Common Performance Issue Patterns [12 clicks]
  8. New 7.5 hour online course on logging, recovery, and the transaction log [10 clicks]
  9. Cardinality Estimate and Computed Columns [9 clicks]
  10. Allen White : Handling Errors in PowerShell [9 clicks]

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