Printed 2017/08/22 10:13PM

Significant Achievements

By StrateSQL, 2012/11/28

As a few of you know, I took the Microsoft Certified Master (MCM): SQL Server 2008 lab at this year’s PASS Summit.  Now, I’ve been working on this certification for a while.  With the knowledge exam, I failed before retaking and passing.  A couple months later, I took the lab and failed that, learning that being able to do the work is as important as knowing the answer.

So, I retook the MCM lab at the PASS Summit.  And it is tough and by the end of it, all I really wanted to do was drink and do some SQL Karaoke – because I wasn’t too hip on my performance (and I’m a much better singer, anyways).  The one downside for the MCM is the approximately 30 days that I have to wait to find out if I passed.

Fortunately, the wait is over and I found out that I passed.  Holy crap… I passed the MCM lab.  This means, of course, that I’m now a Microsoft Certified Master: SQL Server 2008.

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