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Help Bring #SQLFamily to Fargo, North Dakota

Did you know that a SQL Saturday in Fargo is in the works?  If not them, hey… there’s a SQL Saturday coming to Fargo.  And it’s happening this coming spring on April 27!

Now what’s the big deal about Fargo, you might be wondering.  Well, it’s one of the few states in the US that hasn’t yet had a SQL Saturday.  The area, also, doesn’t yet have an organized user group and we’re hoping to pull the people in the area together for an opportunity to learn about SQL Server and network with other people in the area.

With the basics lined up, there are a few things that I’d like to ask from the #sqlfamily that will help to bring PASS and SQL Saturday to Fargo.  First, we’re looking for sponsors interested in helping to build and support a new SQL Server community.  As I mentioned, up in Fargo there isn’t a SQL Server community but there are plenty of businesses in the area that likely have databases and related data issues.  There’s also a Microsoft campus in the area with a SQL Server support team.

Second, we’re going to need some presenters.  Tired of going to the same old SQL Saturday’s and looking for a new audience?  This is an ideal opportunity to bring your knowledge to a new venue with new faces.  If you haven’t presented before and want to do it the first time in front of complete strangers – sign up and give it a shot.

Lastly, we need to let the people up in and around Fargo know that there is a SQL Saturday coming.  I don’t have any roots in the area and my aim is just to get a SQL Saturday going in the area.  Which means I need to rely on my network (which is you, the reader) to reach out to the people that you know up there to let them know what’s going on and that FREE training is coming there way.  Ideally, I’m hoping that we can find about 200 people and get a good crowd together.  Go ahead and come join us and register today.

So can you help out?  Will you support?  Will you present?  How about attending?  Or how about just letting someone you know that they can attend?


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