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Last Weeks Top 10 “Reading” Links #6

By StrateSQL, 2012/11/12


Throughout the week, I like to tweet links to the things that I’ve been reading.  Since they all come out through out the day, I figured that I’d share a list of those that were most popular last week.

Last week’s top 10 “Reading” Links

  1. Want to learn Analysis Services and not sure where to start? Here’s a helping hand! [21 clicks]
  2. 3 Destructive Work Habits That Can Drain the Energy Right Out of You [18 clicks]
  3. Why does restoring a database needs TempDB? [15 clicks]
  4. Aaron Bertrand : Ladies and gentlemen, start your semi-colons! [15 clicks]
  5. How do you introduce yourself to people at SQLPass Summit? [9 clicks]
  6. Should a placement firm tell you what they are billing the client? [9 clicks]
  7. Windows Azure Cloud Platform Poster [8 clicks]
  8. 2,560 [8 clicks]
  9. The New Book [8 clicks]
  10. Now that it’s too late, what DR prep can we do today? [7 clicks]
  11. Is PowerPivot the Next Access? [7 clicks]

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