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Running for the #SQLPass #NomCom


Guess, what?  I’ve thrown my hat in to the elections for the Nomination Committee for PASS.  That means that I want to be elected to select the candidates from the pool of potential candidates that you will later elect to fill the open positions on the PASS Board of Directors.  Sound complicated?  Well, it’s not.  Sound like something new to PASS?  Again, no.  This election is being triggered because there are enough people interested in this process this year.

So, if you were a PASS member as of June 1, 2012, I would like you to…

Vote Jason

You can read my bio and reasons for running for the board from the elections page.  I encourage you to look there and check out the other candidates.  All of us need to select up to three people for the nomination committee, so I recommend checking out all of those available and making a choice based on their views and what they are looking for from PASS candidates.

From board candidates, I’m looking for someone that works like the SQL Server query optimizer.  A candidate that can quickly find the “Good Enough” plan for PASS.  I’ll be using this premise to look for a candidate that will spend more time getting stuff done than trying to find the perfect approach.  We need candidates that can move the organization forward versus finding the best region to push into.  I’ll be looking for candidates that can tell when we have a bad plan, and issue a recompile when needed.

Analogies aside, you can also vote for me if you enjoy any of the following:

Or Just Vote

If you don’t want to vote for me, that’s fine.  Please vote anyways.  It sometimes matters what people want from PASS.  In fact, in the past three years, there have been a number of “outcries” from PASS board decisions.  This is your time to influence those decisions, don’t skip this opportunity to be a voice.

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